About BMT

About BMT

BOSTON MUSICAL THEATER is excited to announce it is re-awakening from a two-year slumber. See the posting below!

Excerpts from the Press

"Simple and skillful.....a tight musical ensemble."

-The New York Times

"A sheer delight!"

-The Boston Globe

"Without compare...This group of joyful musicians, under Charlotte Kaufman, constitutes yet another limb of the burgeoning authentic performance movement."

-The Washington Post

Welcome back to BMT!!! A message from the new Director!!

Hi folks!  After a long hiatus, Boston Musical Theater is starting to show renewed signs of life.

Dan Loschen here.  Formerly just the pianist, then pianist/arranger, then pianist/arranger/musical director, I am now making an attempt to revive this group which I have had so much fun making music with.  I have high hopes of bringing BMT back to the point it was when I joined it, with just a couple singers, plus piano/bass/drums.  Keep an eye on this site to hear about bookings in the fall of 2014, and into the future.




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